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OctopusCI 0.3.12 Released

by @cyphactor

I just released OctopusCI 0.3.12. This release includes some license changes and as well as one of the most wanted feature requests out. What you may be wonder is that. Well, it is the re-enqueue feature. This feature now allows you simply to click the re-enqueue link next to the job id to force it to rebuild a specific job.

OctopusCI v0.3.8 Released

by @cyphactor

Woot woot. We just released the v0.3.8 of OctopusCI. This release includes a few pretty imporantant changes.

  • octopusci-tentacles now runs as a non-root user (specified in config general section under key tentacles_user)
  • jobs are now run with the HOME, SHELL, and USER env vars set to the info associated with the specified user.
  • a OCTOPUSCI environment variable is set for all commands run via jobs to allow for scripts to determine if they are being run by OctopusCI

This was just a quick patch fix release we wanted to get out to help our wonderful sponsor RealPractice. Beyond that it was pretty lame that the octopusci-tentacles daemon required some wrapper script hacking to get it to run as non-root so we decided we better just add it and save people the effort.

OctopusCI @ OC Rails Meetup

by @cyphactor

Recently I a gave a presentation at an OC Rails meetup in Santa Ana about the offical release of OctopusCI. In the presentation I explain exactly what OctopusCI is, why I felt the need to build, and provide a little insight into where I would like to take it.

I have provided the audio recording of the presentation synced to the slides below. I hope you find it useful. The presentation is roughly 18 mins long so if you have some time check it out. There is a little background noise in the recording but it isn’t too bad. Hopefully, with the next presentation I can get a better audio recording. For those of you that don’t like watching videos I have also provided a PDF of the slides here.

OctopusCI v0.3.7 Released

by @cyphactor

Hi all. We just released the v0.3.7 of OctopusCI. This release includes a number of great changes. Some coming from a new contributer (@jbaugh). It is nice to have gotten a new contributor involved. Some of the features/bug fixes included in this release are listed below.

  • Added version number to web ui & cmd line tools (@cyphactor).
  • Added octopusci-post-build-request cmd line tools for devs (@cyphactor).
  • Cleaned up all the cmd line tool code & fixed typos (@cyphactor).
  • Prevent local workspace git repo changes from effecting OctopusCI (@jbaugh).
  • Modified default OctopusCI job to output to output instead of log (@jbaugh).
  • Added a basic GitHub Pages Site ( for the project (@cyphactor).

As always there is more dev work continuing so follow us on twitter (@octopusci) or subscribe to our Atom feed for up to date info on our releases.

OctopusCI's First Post

by @cyphactor

This is the first post on the official OctopusCI blog. It is here simply to test out the new Jekyll site and to say welcome to our new online home.

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